How to make Ginger Lemon Tea for Weight Loss

how to make ginger tea

How to make ginger lemon tea for weight loss? Its very simple to make ginger tea. To make ginger tea with fresh ginger roots improve the metabolism levels, improve the digestion level and also improve the movement of the intestine.


If you want to give flavor to your food, ginger tea is wonderful and very beneficial if you just take it as tea because ginger lemon tea for weight loss is the best choice for you if you want to reduce your weight. Control your diet and take exercise regularly can very helpful for weight loss. A question comes in our mind that does ginger burn fat; the answer is yes ginger burn fats when using it into the tea.

Weight Loss & Ginger Lemon Tea Benefits for Health

Ginger tea is a very well known and natural homemade product that we cannot say its medicine but it works more than medicine because it regulates the gastric and intestinal movement. Ginger tea an established remedy for upset stomach, gastric irritation, cough & cold.

As for weight loss is a concern, ginger tea has a very good role in weight-reducing, ginger tea is a herb which contains some types of caffeine that is very helpful for weight loss. So, if anybody asks does ginger burn fats, we can say yes ginger tea burn fats rapidly.

does ginger burn fat

Ginger tea has thermogenesis effects, it controls hunger. Mean after taking ginger tea, hunger feelings go down, because of this weight reduction and fats burn very rapidly mean very quickly. There is a lot of laboratories in the World which proved that there is a very positive role of ginger & ginger tea in weight loss.

How to make Ginger lemon tea for weight loss with fresh ginger roots

To make ginger tea for weight loss is as simple as making the routine milk tea. So, how to make ginger lemon tea for weight loss with fresh ginger roots, the procedure is as under:


  • Ginger Roots proper washed
  • Water 300 ML
  • Honey For a better taste (Optional)
  • Lemon

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Procedure for Preparation

  1. Start heating the water from medium to high till the water is fully boiled.
  2. Add Ginger roots into the water and continue heating for 5 minutes.
  3. Add honey for better taste
  4. Lemon is another source for reducing the weight, just add lemon into the warm tea and drink hot tea.

How to use ginger tea for weight loss?

300 ML cup of ginger lemon has 10 calories energies only if we drink it, it will control our hunger and we feel no hunger only with 10 calories. We can make herbal ginger lemon tea very easily with fresh ginger roots or with dried ginger powder.

Benefits of herbal ginger lemon Tea

The major benefit of herbal ginger lemon tea is weight loss but there is a lot of hidden benefits which the ginger lemon tea provides to you:

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Digestive System improvement

Only a cup of ginger lemon tea improves the digestive system. It stimulates digestion and away from boating. Not only it controls the sugar level but also it controls the cholesterol levels. We should take a cup of ginger lemon tea before the meal and make it sure you drink it hot, not warm for better results.

The Regulations of Cortisol Level

The undesirable belly fats trigger the Cortisol which is a hormone that is responsible for stress and anxiety. And Ginger blocks the growth of cortisol. We can say Ginger lemon tea is an anti-stress drink. It will protect you from cortisol induced weight gain.

Improve the Energy Levels

The drinks which make from fresh ginger improve the energy levels of your body. After the higher levels of your energy, you will feel very positive & better your mood, this will help you a better exercise and burning more calories. Your weight & fats will burn more when you burn more calories. So, make sure that you drink 300 ML cup of ginger tea every meal before 15 minutes.

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12 Foods which you can take with Ginger Lemon tea

12 foods list is as under, you can take these foods with lemon ginger tea for better weight loss and fats loss:

  1. Wheat Bread without sugar
  2. Fresh Almonds
  3. Fresh Lemon
  4. Red Pepper
  5. Fresh Garlic
  6. White meat like Chicken
  7. Fresh Berries
  8. Avocado
  9. Honey
  10. Fresh Fruits
  11. Cardamom
  12. Brown Sugar

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This is very important to bring in your knowledge that doesn’t use ginger more than 4 grams per day for making the tea. If you take excessive ginger consumption, it will leave some undesirable side effects like heartburns & upset stomach.

And those people who are taking drugs and blood-thinning medications should stay away from using the ginger lemon tea; the ginger lemon tea interferes with the effects of these drugs.

Have you used ginger lemon tea for weight reducing effects and did it help you or not for reducing the weight? Please share your experience of how you prepare ginger lemon tea for weight loss.

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