Green Tea with Lemon and Honey in Empty Stomach

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lemon tea

14 Excellent Benefits & History of Lemon Tea and Honey

Lemon tea is one of the best liquid uses in the world. It can save you from different diseases. Just add lemon juice to green or black tea. Drink the delicious taste with a lot of health benefits. Always try to make the best green tea for you and make yourself healthier.

If you are a regular user. Then you are fortunate because it gives you health benefits. It cleans, refreshes, and energizes your body. For many years, it used to cure poisons. It also uses a lot of medicines and food recipes. Do you know, how to make ginger tea, just add ginger to lemon tea, superb ginger lemon will be ready.

Mix green or black tea with hot water, add lemon juice and honey. Minimal salt and sugar can add to it. Very delicious and tasty tea is ready for you. There are lots of benefits of green tea few are as follows:

1) Remove Toxins

It removes the toxins from the body. These toxins are responsible for different kinds of infections. You can prevent other diseases with the regular use of it.

2) Superb Efficacy in Flu, Cold & Cough

Just add ginger and use it at least three times a day. It will give you relief from Cold, Flu, and Cough. Your throat will feel better.

It also provides a boost to your immune system. You will feel warm by its regular use in winter.

 3) Physical Fitness

This tea removes the toxins from the body and gives energy to your whole body. It provides mental clarity and refreshes the entire body.

The lemon tea has excellent efficacy in headaches. You can get rid of weakness, low vitality, lethargic feelings, & fatigue. It also cleans the blood.

4) Heart Protection

The tea provides heart protection from different cardiovascular diseases. Lemon Tea reduces the lipids levels and prevention from blood clots in arteries. So, take green tea daily and give health to your heart.

5) Anti Bacterial & Anti Viral Property

Naturally, lemon is an antiseptic. It has anti-viral & anti-bacterial property. Regular usage of lemon tea can prevent you from bacterial and viral diseases.

6) Intestinal Health

This tea improves the absorption in the intestine. Removes all waste products and toxins from the intestine. The lemon is beneficial to dissolve kidney stones.

7) Surgical Swelling

Oedema is a condition that occurs after surgery. Dead cells were gathered where injections use in the skin. It is a harrowing situation, and the state discomforts the whole body. The doctors recommend lemon tea, which reduces the requirement of oedema.

8) Menstrual Cycle

This tea also decreases the pain, which occurs during the menstrual cycle for women. Nature gives a lot of benefits to lemon tea.

9) Decrease Insulin Resistance

The insulin converts the glucose into energy. Due to fats deposition, the cells resist accepting insulin. The lemon tea decreases the fats. It increases the activity of insulin in the cells.

10) Helps to Absorb Iron

Tea and Vitamin C boost the absorption of non-heme iron. Iron is responsible for every function of the body. And lemon tea helps to absorb iron in the blood.

11) Skin Benefits

Everybody knows that Vitamin C is very beneficial for the skin. Lemon has vitamin C, and it reduces acne & some other skin problems. Lemon tea improves the beauty & elasticity of the skin.

12) Prevents from cancer

Tea & lemon has powerful antioxidants like vitamin C. It not only prevents damage to healthy cells but also prevents cancer cells. The rich amount of Vitamin C helps to fight against mouth, lung, breast, stomach, and colon cancers.

13) Lemon and Honey Addition

Lemon juice increases the number of catechins, which decreases during nutrient absorption. It protects the small and large intestines. Honey addition to green tea is very beneficial for your health. It improves your immune system and digestive system.

14) Increase Urine Production

Lemon is a natural diuretic that promotes urine production. It is also handy for inflamed gums.

Lemon tea recipe

  • 1.5 Cup Water
  • Lemon Juice
  • Green or Black Tea Leaves
  • Honey or sugar as per taste

How to make lemon tea

  • Place the can water for heating
  • When boiled off the flame
  • Just add ½ Tea Spoon of tea leaves
  • Depends upon your taste you can add more
  • Wait for 3 minutes
  • No add lemon juice
  • As per your liking, add honey or sugar, it is ready for you

Best Lemon tea Brands

1) Salada 240 Tea Bags with Lemon

  • It has six boxes of 40 bags
  • Salada has natural flavour & Gluten-Free
  • With the addition of real fruit juices

2) Bigelow Natural Herb Tea Bags without caffeine

  • You can use it for hot or cold tea
  • Herbal Citrus without caffeine
  • For best flavour, Bigelow is available in foil pouches
  • Kosher certifies it
  • It’s a Gluten-free, & Calorie-free
  • You can use it in the morning in the afternoon and at night
  • Bigelow is an American made

3) Tetley well-known brand with honey, 20 tea bags

  • Superb brand enriched with vitamin C
  • Tetley improves your immune system
  • It cleans your intestines and skin
  • Helps to digest

4) Pickwick Green Tea with Lemon, Cranberry, Mango, Jasmine, Lemon Grass, and Strawberry Flavors

  • The best brand with six different flavours
  • Controls and reduce your weight
  • Reduces your fats deposition
  • It gives energy to your body
  • Protects the heart and arteries

5) Dried Lemon Slices for purely Organic Lemon Tea

  • True Organic Dried Lemon Slices for tea
  • You can enjoy hot or iced with dried slices
  • It has a smooth flavour, Gluten-free, Caffeine-free
  • Pure dried slices with rich vitamin C
  • Use natural herbal which relaxes and refreshes your body

Ginger is very beneficial for nasal congestion and Lungs. Ginger can make an excellent taste of your lemon green tea. So, add a small ginger piece to your tea and enjoy the superb taste. You can also add mint leaves for better health. Rock Salt is another perfect ingredient for your best green tea. If you add lemongrass, you will feel the change in taste.

These all were the benefits of lemon tea & its preparation.

Some Precautions:

No doubt there are lots of benefits, even then this is not suitable for some people.

  • Not suitable for Kids
  • Should be avoided during pregnancy & lactation
  • For those who have hypertension
  • During Diarrhoea or IBS
  • If you are taking any particular medication. Then use it with the advice of a doctor

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